Windows 7 Ultimate ISO

Windows 7 Ultimate ISO
  • Windows 7
  • Version: 6.1.7601.24499
  • Size: 5.5GB
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Windows 7 has been regarded as the platform that saved so many users from the nightmare called Windows Vista. It was so popular that the appearance of its successor, Windows 8, failed to get users to leave the platform behind. Even when Windows 10 made its debut, the situation wasn’t improved at all for Microsoft.

Even until now, though not as many as it used to be, many users still stick to Windows 7 despite the many attempts of Microsoft to promote Windows 10.

The reasons are varied. Some users are afraid of losing data if they upgrade to the latest OS, fail to see any good reason of why they have to switch when Windows 7 already meet their needs perfectly, or just do not want to upgrade at all.

Some others pointed out stability and compatibility as the main reasons of why they reluctant to ditch Windows 7. Hardware requirement is another issue since Windows 10 is a more heavy-resource OS than Windows 7.

Features and Highlights

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Start Menu

When Microsoft decided to get rid of the standardized Start Menu in Windows 8 and totally replaced it with the tiles, there was an outrage. The critics were so harsh that Microsoft finally gave in and put it back just like the way it should be.

In Windows 10, the Start Menu is combined with the tiles to maintain the familiarity while introducing the new design element. Still, there are many users prefer the simplicity of Start Menu that exists in Windows 7. The list-based approach that is implemented in Windows 7 to pinning applications makes the Start Menu less cluttered than that of Windows 10.

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center allows you to fully enjoy digital entertainment in one centralized location. You can listen to music, view slideshows, and watch live TV. You can even turn your PC into a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that has the capability to record any of your favorite TV shows and movies based on schedules.

Additionally, all of your media files are accessible in one place so it’s a lot easier to find the ones that you want to watch or listen.

Windows Aero

It is a design language that delivers a number of awesome features such as Aero Peek that lets you to quickly switch back and forth between desktop and all of the opened windows. There is also Aero Shake that can minimize all of the other opened windows at once by shaking the one window that you want it to stay visible.

Jump List

Jump List is that tiny window that appears when you right click on an icon on the taskbar. If the icon belongs to Media Player, the Jump List window displays a list of your most frequently listened songs. If it belongs to Microsoft Word, then you will see a number of recently opened files within the list.

Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Free Download

There are many users who firmly believe that Windows 7 is the best operating system. Some had tried to use Windows 10 only to end up in disappointment, so they went back to Windows 7.

While the support has been officially terminated unless you’re willing to pay for the extended support, it’s not impossible to keep using Windows 7, at least until Windows 10 is good enough for you to finally make the switch. You can click the link below to download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO:

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[Total: 6 Average: 3.8]
App Info
  • App Name Windows 7 Ultimate
  • License Freeware
  • Publisher Microsoft
  • Updated Jan 6, 2024
  • Required Windows 7
  • Version 6.1.7601.24499
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