DirectX 10

DirectX 10
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version: 10
  • Size: 96MB
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If you want to play a game and that game needs to access the features that exist in DirectX 10, your PC needs to meet two conditions. First, DirectX 10 must be installed. Second, your PC must have a graphic card that supports DirectX 10. Without a compatible hardware, the game would not be able to use DirectX 10.

DirectX is available in different versions, and DirectX 10 is one of them that came with extensive changes. All the changes were made to improve DirectX 10’s capability.

Features and Highlights

Download DirectX 10

Many components were deprecated such as DirectInput which was replaced with Xlnput and DirectSound which was replaced with XACT. In addition, DirectPlay dplay.dll was deprecated in favor of dplayx.dll. These information are not that useful for end users. They couldn’t care less about all the changes that took place. What end users really want is to play games without any trouble.

Fortunately, end users do not have to learn all the technical stuff about DirectX 10 to make it works on Windows. The installation is far from being complicated. A casual user who rarely or perhaps even never installing anything would still be able to follow through the installation until it is completed. It’s all because DirectX 10 installation is made as easy as possible.

On the other hand, making games becomes easier for game developers since the interaction between hardware and software has been taken care of by DirectX 10. They can therefore put more focus on developing games instead of worrying about which hardware that customers are going to use to play their games.

To put it simply, DirectX 10 is a win-win solution for Microsoft, game developers, and end users. By developing DirectX 10, there are more developers willing to create games on Windows platform and so the customers get a large more variety of games that they can enjoy in their spare time. The customer base grows larger because of it, giving more profits to Microsoft.

Windows operating system generally comes with its own DirectX version, but more than often users end up with more than one version on their computers. Mostly because users want to install a particular game or multimedia software that demands the presence of a specific DirectX version.

Some users who find that their Windows already has a DirectX version may hesitant of installing yet another DirectX, but it is perfectly safe as these DirectX versions can coexist peacefully.

DirectX 10 Free Download for Windows

Here we make it easy for you to download DirectX 10. Just one click and it will be downloaded to your computer. If you use Google Chrome, you may need to confirm the download first to get the download started.

The total size of the installer, which consists of the required installation files, is less than 100 MB so the download would be finished in a few minutes or even seconds on a computer with a high bandwidth internet connection. Afterwards you can extract the files and start the installation of DirectX 10. You can click the link below to download DirectX 10 for Windows:

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[Total: 10 Average: 3.6]
App Info
  • App Name DirectX 10
  • License Freeware
  • Publisher Microsoft
  • Updated Jun 17, 2023
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version 10
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