Adobe Premiere Pro 2024

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Video editing in 2024 is a rapidly growing trend. In the past, only professional people could make videos. Nowadays, the trend is that anyone can create video content to be uploaded on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and so on.

We can call these people who actively create content for their viewers as content creators. Nowadays, anyone can become a content creator. No need to be proficient in video editing, but the important thing is to be able to compile, create, and edit a video that is suitable for distribution and viewing by the wider community.

In terms of video editing, one of the multinational software companies in America, Adobe, has created many software for video editing. Some of these software are Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Adobe Spark Video.

Although the software mentioned above is software that can be used for video editing, the software has fundamental differences that we need to know. 

Features and Highlights

Adobe Premiere Pro 2024

Adobe Premiere Pro can be used to create and edit movies, video clips, vlogs, web content, and so on. The main focus of Adobe Premiere Pro is for video creation and editing.

Adobe After Effect can be used to create motion graphics, visual effects, character animation, special effects on videos, and visual composition. The main focus of Adobe After Effect is for creating and editing visual effects and motion graphics.

Adobe Premiere Rush can be used to create video content for social media, vlogs, travel, and personal content. The main focus of Adobe Premiere Rush is to edit videos quickly. To be compared to Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush is a simplified version of it.

Adobe Spark Video can be used to create quick videos. The main focus is not on video editing, but Adobe Spark has functions and features that are used for video editing.  

Used by Professionals

As already explained, Adobe Premiere Pro focus is used to edit videos and even this software is used by professionals to make films that will be shown on television and in theaters, advertising videos, and so on.  So what makes this software superior to other video editing software? 

Five Times Faster Timeline Drawing

Timeline drawing is five times faster than the previous version. This makes our performance in editing videos in Adobe Premiere faster. This speed indicates that the software is increasingly responsive in responding to our commands. 

Happily, there is a New Text-Based Editing Feature

Happy news for those of us who used to be unable to delete the pauses we wanted to delete on Adobe Premiere Pro. Now we can delete pauses by simply tapping once on the pauses we want to delete. The feature that allows this to happen is the Text-Based Editing Feature.

This feature also allows you to manage transcripts on your videos.

Explorable Color Setting 

The color setting display in Adobe Premiere Pro has become simpler. However, even though the appearance is simpler, the quality of the settings is better than before. For example, the tone mapping is made clearer and we can generate videos with amazing and more complex colors.

What most people know about Color Settings in Adobe Premiere Pro is Lumetri Color. Lumetri color is a combination between Project color setting, Preference, Sequence Clip color setting, and so on. This combination makes it easy for us to set and manage the coloring in our videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 Free Download

In 2024, anyone can make videos, and making videos for content purposes is the current trend. With this trend, we can consider some video editing software that we can use. Some video editing software is developed by a well-known American software company, Adobe.

Adobe itself offers several video editing software but with different capabilities and focus. One of the video editing software offered by Adobe is Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is suitable for use by professionals who want to make movies that will be shown on TV, indie films, videos for advertising purposes, or videos for other purposes. Some features that contribute to the success of Adobe Premiere Pro, especially version 2024, are an Explorable Color Setting, a New Tex-Based Editing Feature, and Five Times Faster Timeline Drawing. You can click the link below to download Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 for Windows:

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[Total: 9 Average: 4.2]
You have already voted for this article with 4
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  • Updated Jun 14, 2024
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
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