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  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version: 19.1
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For various purposes of creating document layouts, especially in the field of publishing, we really need multifunctional software to help our work. One of the most famous software that can help us create layouts for various purposes is Adobe InDesign.

The things we can do with Adobe InDesign are as follows:

  1. Creating Document Design and Layout
  2. Organizing Typography
  3. Arranging Placement of Images
  4. Doing Minor Image Editing
  5. Creating Interactive Document
  6. Conducting Team Collaboration in the Design Creation Process

In the scheme of the functions mentioned above, Adobe InDesign is very suitable for teamwork, namely creative teams, especially in the field of publishing because Adobe InDesign is intended for the purposes of editing magazine layouts, books, posters, typography, important documents, proposals, and so on so that they become more aesthetic and beautiful to look at.

In creating book and magazine layouts, we can organize elements such as images, text, icons, and so on in the rules of margins, grids, columns, headers, footers, and page numbers. 

When we want to type text in any design that we create in Adobe InDesign (whether books, magazines, posters, brochures, and so on), we can use the text frames feature. Text frames ensure that the text we create in Adobe InDesign is neatly organized. In addition, we can use the Paragraph Styles and Character Style features to homogenize the overall text style to keep it consistent.

Besides these features, does Adobe InDesign have the latest features? Based on the latest update in 2024, Adobe InDesign has released its latest version, Adobe InDesign 2024. In this version, there are new features that are predicted to be capable and efficient by Adobe InDesign 2024.

What are the New Features of Adobe InDesign 2024?

Adobe InDesign 2024 Free Download

There are several new features launched in Adobe InDesign 2024. What are these features?

  1. New Customization: Style Pack
  2. InDesign Cloud Document and AI Tools
  3. Hiding Specific Spreads in the Cloud Document

New Customization: Style Pack

In this version, we can access the pre-saved collection of Style Pack. What is the pre-saved collection of Style Pack? What you need to know about Style Pack is that there is a Paragraph Style which is a pre-saved collection or can also be called a Paragraph Style template collection. We apply it to the design that we will create so that the header, footer, text box, font, and others can change according to the rules in the pre-saved Style Pack collection.

How to access this feature?

Select Window > Styles > Style Pack

What’s interesting about this feature besides the functions mentioned above? What’s interesting is the fact that we can also customize and create our own Style Pack according to what we want and then apply the Style Pack that we have created to any design that we. Isn’t that a lot of fun?

InDesign Cloud Document and AI Tools

In 2024, many Adobe-made software released their latest versions with the latest features.  The features that are predicted in the latest release of Adobe software are the Cloud Document feature and AI tools. One of these updates was also made to Adobe InDesign 2024.

What are the functions of these features?

Cloud Document

This feature allows us to store, share, organize, and edit our documents in Cloud Document. This makes collaboration between teams easier. With this feature, anyone can update, check, revise documents that we have stored in the Cloud.

Of course, this is very efficient for the world of publishing and printing, which mostly uses Adobe InDesign as one of the main editing software. 

AI Tools

Who doesn’t know about AI? Nowadays, AI has become very popular with the general public. AI allows us to work faster with a level of accuracy that is no less competitive with the efforts and power of the human mind.

AI tools offered in Adobe InDesign 2024 and other Adobe software released in 2024 are tools to generate images from writing prompts. Thus, we don’t have to bother creating images with old tools. Only with AI tools powered by Adobe Firefly, we can create images just by typing and one click. 

Hiding Specific Spreads in the Cloud Document

With the “hide spread” option when right-clicking on the thumbnail of the design we want to hide, we can hide the design that we consider not yet suitable for display in our files stored in Cloud Document. This can certainly make us work comfortably.

It gives us the opportunity to work on designs in Cloud Document without feeling pressured. Imagine if we have one file to be edited by a team. If we have unfinished parts and we don’t want the unfinished design to be seen by many people, we can just hide it. After finishing the design, we have an option to show it. 

Adobe InDesign 2024 Free Download

Adobe InDesign is a software made by Adobe that is commonly used in the publishing and printing industry.  The things can be done with this software are creating designs, document layouts, typography, and so on. 

In Adobe InDesign 2024, several new features can help make it easier for us to design. Some of these features are New Customization: Style Pack, InDesign Cloud Document and AI Tools, and Hiding Specific Spreads in the Cloud Document. You can click the link below to download Adobe InDesign 2024 for Windows:

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App Info
  • App Name Adobe InDesign 2024
  • License Full_Version
  • Publisher Adobe
  • Updated Jun 14, 2024
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version 19.1
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