Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version: v702e
  • Size: 29MB
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Its first release was in 1985, so it makes Super Mario Bros an old game. Yet, some people still play it sometimes even though there are many other games offering marvelous graphics experiences. The fact that it has been released for PC is a proof that the classic game is still alive and kicking.

Super Mario Bros is a side-scrolling game with a heroic theme about a man named Mario fighting a lot of enemies for the sake of saving a princess from the clutches of the antagonist. During the gameplay there are special items that you can use to help you win each level.


Super Mario Bros Free Download for Windows

Mario is the protagonist of Super Mario Bros. His mission in the game is to save a princess. You control him to move to the right dealing with all kinds of dangers until he reaches the end of each level.

In completing your main mission you can collect coins as many as possible to earn an extra life and more scores. Each coin gives you 200 points. The coins could be floating in the sky, above a pipe or a bottomless pit, or near a patroling enemy.

In Super Mario Bros, bricks are everywhere, and there are special bricks that each gives you a reward when you hit it from below by jumping. Sometimes the reward is a coin, sometimes it is a special mushroom that grants Mario a special power, like the red mushroom that makes him bigger and hence can destroy the bricks.

When Mario’s body is bigger, he is also more resistant to enemies. He will not die instantly when an enemy touches him. Instead, his body will go smaller. And when his body is small, just one gentle touch by an enemy is enough to make Mario disappears.

The coins aren’t just hidden in special bricks. In level one, for example, a bunch of coins can be found in a secret room, along with a bonus. And the entry to the room is one of the green pipes.

There are invisible bricks in the air. They turn visible after you hit them from below, so don’t be surprised if a brick suddenly appears when you jump. Aside from giving you more points, these bricks can sometimes help you jump higher to get more coins nearby, though they can also be your doom when they appear at the moment you take a running jump to cross a pit.

Super Mario Bros Free Download for Windows

Super Mario Bros was a hugely popular action game in the past and today it still receives love from many gamers. It is fun enough to pass time for maybe a few hours. You can play it with a keyboard or joypad.

The system requirements of this game are light. All today’s PCs should be able to run it without experiencing any lag. On a Windows PC with a 4 GB RAM, running this game alongside a bunch of other programs which include Google Chrome doesn’t affect its performance at all. You can click the link below to download Super Mario Bros for Windows:

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App Info
  • App Name Super Mario Bros
  • License Freeware
  • Publisher Nintendo
  • Updated Nov 10, 2023
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version v702e
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