Youtube Vanced

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  • Android 5.1 +
  • Version: 19.10.37
  • Size: 105MB
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If you visit YouTube, you will find an endless collection of videos. You can watch those videos on the website or the official YouTube app. Many users, though, prefer to use Youtube Vanced.

It is a third-party app whose main functionality is as the same as that of the official one, which is to watch YouTube videos. The reason Youtube Vanced becomes popular is largely because it doesn’t interrupt users with ads.

Features and Highlights

Ads are undoubtedly necessary for YouTube to survive financially, but today they are too intrusive. There are widespread suspicions that it is intentional on YouTube’s part to make visitors as inconvenient as possible so that they switch to the premium plan.

No Ads

Watching YouTube videos without ads is one of the major features of YouTube Premium, but not everyone can afford the price. Youtube Vanced, on the other hand, offers the exact same feature completely for free.

The third-party app has an ad blocking mechanism that prevent YouTube ads from appearing when you are watching a video. It works without user intervention.

Background Play

Some users may wonder why this feature is included in the premium version. This should be a free feature. The most plausible answer is that users don’t see ads when they play the video in the background.

Regardless of the reason, many users find that the lack of the feature in the free YouTube is annoying, which is why they use Youtube Vanced instead because this app provides it for free.

The app keeps playing YouTube even though you switch to another app. This means you can play a YouTube video song and listen to it while chatting with your friends, scrolling your Twitter timeline, updating your Facebook account, uploading some photos to Instagram, or anything.

Download Video

Year later, or perhaps even days later, your favorite videos on YouTube may disappear for various reasons.

Perhaps a video is deleted by YouTube because of a copyright issue or by its uploader because too many people are upset about it, or just disappears simply because there is a glitch somewhere in the YouTube server.

Therefore, if you come across a good video and there is a good chance that you will watch it again someday in the future, you should download it to your phone. Youtube Vanced is equipped with the tool you need to complete the task.

Youtube Vanced MOD APK Free Download

When the official YouTube app only provided light mode, Youtube Vanced came with a dark mode which was more pleasing to the eyes. This was probably a minor advantage, but it did contribute to the popularity of the app at that time.

Aside from ad blocking, the download tool that the app provides is also one of its major attractions. With this, you can immediately download the video you’ve just watched so that you can play it again sometime without having to rely on the internet connection. You can click the link below to download Youtube Vanced MOD APK for Android:

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[Total: 150 Average: 3.1]
Click to rate this post!
[Total: 150 Average: 3.1]
App Info
  • App Name Youtube Vanced
  • License Freeware
  • Publisher Youtube Vanced
  • Updated May 15, 2024
  • Required Android 5.1 +
  • Version 19.10.37
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