Adobe After Effect 2024

Adobe After Effect 2024
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version: v24.1.0.78
  • Size: 3.53GB
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Hello there! Are you an animator or someone who wants to learn to create animation? We will advise you on the right software for creating animation or motion graphics.

On this occasion, the software we recommend to all of you is Adobe After Effect, especially Adobe After Effect 2024.

Why should you choose Adobe After Effects? Because Adobe After Effects has many advantages. Apart from that, Adobe After Effects has also undergone updates. The newest version in 2024 is Adobe After Effect 2024. We will explain the feature updates presented by Adobe After Effect 2024 later.

Adobe After Effect 2024 Free Download

Before discussing the updates in Adobe After 2024, we need to know that Adobe also provides and makes similar software that can be used to create animations. The software is Adobe Animate.

So what is the difference between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate? Of course, both have similarities and differences. This time we will immediately discuss the differences.

Some of the differences between Adobe After Effect and Adobe Animate are as follows:

  1. Adobe After Effects is suitable for creating motion graphics, while Adobe Animate is suitable for creating animated and narrated cartoons
  2. To create hand-drawn animations, it is more suitable to use Adobe Animate compared to Adobe After Effects
  3. Adobe After Effect is suitable for creating visual effects, while Adobe Animate is not suitable for creating visual effects
  4. Adobe After Effects can be used to create puppet animation, although it is limited, Adobe Animate can also be used to create puppet animation with more complete features.

Now you know the basic differences between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate. That way, you will know when it’s time to use Adobe After Effects and when it’s time to use Adobe Animate.

The next discussion is a discussion of the updates in Adobe After Effects 2024, released in February 2024. What updates are there in the 2024 version?

Enabling the Users to Import OBJ 3D Models

Creating animations with Adobe After Effect is now easier because Adobe After Effect now supports the OBJ file. You can import the 3D model that you have into .obj form. Files in the .obj format usually contain 3D models in geometric form. As mentioned in other references, files in the OBJ format are often used in information exchange, CAD, and so on.

Other files that are supported by Adobe After Effects 2024 are GLTF, GLB, MTL (material) formats, and so on.

Providing Motion Graphics template preview thumbnails

Adobe After Effects 2024 provides a video preview checkbox that will appear when you are exporting the animation and motion graphics that you created. If you include the video preview checkbox, you will see a video thumbnail preview template that you are exporting. You can preview it in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Suggesting Using .exr file for environmental lighting

Now you can access files in .exr format in Adobe After Effect 2024. With this file format, you can apply shadows and various kinds of realistic lighting.

Adobe After Effect 2024 Free Download

Adobe After Effects is software made by Adobe Systems. Its function is to create animation and motion graphics. However, to create animations, we can also use Adobe Animate.

Even though Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate have similar functions in creating animations, the types of animations that can be created with these two software are different. In essence, these two animation creation software are complementary.

In addition, Adobe After Effects launched its 2024 version in February 2024. What’s new in Adobe After Effects 2024? In version 2024, Adobe After Effects supports file formats such as .obj and .exr. There is also a Motion Graphics thumbnail preview template which makes our performance even easier. You can click the link below to download Adobe After Effect 2024 for Windows:

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App Info
  • App Name Adobe After Effect 2024
  • License Full_Version
  • Publisher Adobe Inc.
  • Updated Apr 22, 2024
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version v24.1.0.78
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