Gangstar Vegas

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  • Android 5.0+
  • Version: 7.1.1a
  • Size: 2.46GB
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MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money / VIP 10 (MOD runs when internet is turned off)

If GTA is one of your favorite games, chances are you like Gangstar Vegas too, which is another open-world crime game that lets you experience the thrills of being a gangster in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main character is a mixed martial arts fighter named Jason Malone. His adventure begins when a mafia boss asked him to take a dive in a fight, but he won it instead by accident. Consequently, he has to run for his life afterward.

Features and Highlights

The open world concept enables players to roam the city and do a lot of crimes without any consequence. Pedestrians can be targeted just for some collectibles, for instance. Should you feel the urge to damage a vehicle, you can do that too. And if you are curious how big the city is, you are free to spend a few hours to explore every inch of it.


Gangstar Vegas has eighty story missions and numerous side-missions. That’s a lot of missions for you to finish. Even though they are called side-missions, they are no less exciting than the main ones, like robbing a bank or street racing to earn you some side income. Tattoos are parts of the rewards that you can earn after you complete a mission.


Living in a city where everyone in your neighborhood seems out to get you, having one or two weapons is a must because relying on fists alone more often than not is not enough.

Of all the melee weapons available in Gangstar Vegas, you can use a baseball bat, blade, wrench, jade katana, fire axe, ice axe, poison petal, loot king cane, sledgehammer, grave digger, meat grinder, and more. Many of these weapons fall under the category of Uncommon or Rare.

If you prefer guns, there are handguns such as Revolver, Radio Silencer, Stunner, Ray Gun, and Six Shooter, to name a few.

Even assault riffles are available to help you with your crimes, which include Death Angel, Warp Cannon, Arc Dispenser, Assaultnikov-77, and Royally Pimped Rifle, among others.

The other types of guns are shotguns, heavy weapons (Ultimate Flamethrower, Light Machine Gun, Los Alamos Nuclear Launcher, etc.), and sniper riffles (Death Sights, Azure Scope, UFO Sniper Rifle, etc.).

Gang Wars

There are gangs in the sin city that rule their own territories, and they are ready to go at wars with anyone to defend what belongs to them. You can always join in the fun.

Defeat your enemies and reap the rewards afterward. Street fights are just one of the thrilling experiences in the world of crimes.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Free Download

In short, Gangstar Vegas lets you commit crimes without fear of getting jailed. It’s a game to fulfill your crime fantasy or just to enjoy the fun of breaking rules and laws.

There is a stat tracking in the game in which you can see your achievements, like how many cops and pedestrians that have fallen victim to your crimes. You can click the link below to download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK for Android:

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App Info
  • App Name Gangstar Vegas
  • License Freewaree
  • Publisher Gameloft SE
  • Updated Jun 4, 2024
  • Required Android 5.0+
  • Version 7.1.1a
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