Adobe XD 2024

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In recent years, one of the most trending jobs has been UI/UX designer. Anyone can learn to create UI and UX because many courses on the internet teach how to create UI and UX from scratch. It doesn’t matter whether you studied graphic design and web development in a formal school or not, you can use UI and UX creation software. One of the most famous UI and UX creation software is Adobe XD.

The UI or UX design created by Adobe XD is vector-based. As we know that vector is a design that involves mathematical calculations so that the shape of the resulting design becomes precise. Thus, the layout of the UI and UX created in Adobe XD becomes very neat and organized. 

The Function of Adobe XD 2024

Adobe XD 2024

There are several functions that we can use when we use Adobe XD. Some of them are functions to create wireframes, interactive prototypes, and create responsive applications and websites.

Making Wireframe

What is a Wireframe? A wireframe is a visual design for creating a website and it is a blueprint of a website. By creating a Wireframe, we will get guidance on what we need to create on our website.

We can organize text, layout, images, and other elements in the applications and websites that we create through the creation of a Wireframe.

Wireframes are boxes and lines that are used to organize the layout. Wireframe appearance is only visible in black and white because what you want to show is the arrangement, content, and so on.

Making Prototype

Adobe XD can be used to create a prototype. What is a prototype here? Prototype is a concept to check whether a website or application interface is interactive or not. The prototype also checks whether the UI we have created responds to our commands. So we can check whether the UI we create is clickable or not.

Adobe XD’s New Version in 2024

In 2024, Adobe XD has launched its latest version. In this latest version, there are updates such as Auto-Animate, Content-Aware Layout, Collaboration features, and others. For an explanation of these updates will be explained in the explanation below:

Auto-Animate Feature

If we want to create animations or transitions in the UI and UX that we create, we usually need complicated coding. But with this Auto-Animate feature, you can create a transition or animation for UI and UX design needs.

Content-Aware Layout Feature

There are times when we find it difficult to create a design that follows the predetermined layout. Moreover, we also have to think about how responsive our UI and UX designs are to a command. These things will hinder our design process.

But we don’t need to worry anymore because Adobe XD 2024 already provides a Content-Aware Layout Feature. This feature makes it easier for us because our design will automatically adjust the predetermined layout. We can also adjust the size of the design elements based on the content we have. Of course, this feature makes work more efficient. 

Collaboration Feature (Real-Time Collaboration)

Adobe XD 2024 allows users to work together as a team more freely. We can share our design files in real time so that others can respond to our designs and participate in editing and correcting our designs if something is wrong. As we know the world of website and application design is generally done by a team. This feature is certainly very helpful for its users.

Adobe XD 2024 Free Download

In conclusion, Adobe XD is software created to create UX and UX websites. In the creation process, Adobe XD can be used to create Wireframes and prototypes.

In version 2024, there are updates. 3 feature updates have been explained, namely Auto-Animate, Content-Aware Layout, and Collaboration features. This feature update certainly brings fresh air to the development of software and makes it easier for users. Hopefully, the info above can add to your insight about Adobe XD. You can click the link below to download Adobe XD 2024 for Windows:

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App Info
  • App Name Adobe XD 2024
  • License Full_Version
  • Publisher Adobe Inc.
  • Updated Apr 21, 2024
  • Required Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Version v2024
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