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- Clifford -
  • Can’t see the big picture of your cloud resources utilization?
  • Frustrated manually setting up monitoring for each new virtual server?
  • Not sure if your hosting provider meets its Service Level Agreement (SLA) claims?

In a world in which a virtual server can be added with the click of a button, managing your IT in the cloud can be more challenging than ever. In some cases, you may not even be sure of how many servers you have in your virtual infrastructure.

Fortunately, Anturis can help. Our monitoring technology:
  • Shows resource utilization to help ensure your cloud farm is properly sized
  • Monitors SLA’s for each server
  • Determines whether you or your provider is the source of the problem
  • Protects any new virtual servers by automatically adding them to your list of monitored infrastructure
  • Quickly alerts you to any potential problems or concerns

In just minutes you can start monitoring your entire cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures easily and effectively– and know what’s happening in your virtual world as well as the physical one.

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