Linux server monitoring with Anturis

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Key Linux monitoring features

OS performance monitoring

Track CPU usage, CPU load, RAM space, disk space, and disk usage. OS performance monitoring helps detect small problems before they become large ones. It maximizes availability, which maximizes customer satisfaction.

Applications and software monitoring

Anturis Linux monitoring provides granular tracking of essential software and applications: OS processes, MySQL databases, Apache Web Servers, Java Virtual Machines, custom shell commands or scripts, log files, swap usage.

Monitoring of all modern Linux distributions is supported

Monitoring of Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora, and others is supported. If X-Windows is available, Anturis Agent Management GUI is also installed to facilitate agent management operations: connect, disconnect, connect to another Anturis account, and so on. Anturis agent itself is a small-footprint background Linux process. The Linux agent supports auto-updates, so it’s easy to keep it up to date.

Monitor anything via the custom command monitor

The Anturis Custom Shell Command Monitor permits you to write shell commands that monitor whatever you need to monitor, even in-house applications. Graph and receive alerts about virtually everything – from CPU temperature to the QoS of a video stream.

Seamless agent installation

Linux Agent can be installed in two ways. The most straightforward is to simply copy a command given in the Anturis console and run it in a root shell. It will download the agent archive, install and start the agent, and also automatically configure and initiate monitoring of the server. You’ll have your Linux server monitoring running in less than a minute. This installation option is also ideal for agent auto-deployment in cloud environments such as Amazon Web ServicesRackspaceMicrosoft AzureDigitalOcean, and others.

The second, more advanced method is to download and install Anturis agent manually. You will also need to manually configure Linux server monitoring according to your requirements. Linux monitoring is up and running in approximately five minutes.

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