Server monitoring

Anturis lets you monitor performance of your Linux and Windows servers. You can easily track key performance indicators and hone in on problems, minimizing overhead and maintenance.

  • CPU usage
  • CPU load
  • RAM
  • Free disk space
  • Disk usage
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Web services monitoring

Your customers expect blisteringly fast web response times, and to meet their expectations you need the kind of information that keeps your site responsive and efficient. With monitoring, you have enough information to see that your service level exceeds expectations; you can even prove just how good it is. Monitoring also gives you the opportunity to identify problems before they impact performance.

  • HTTP
  • Ping
  • TCP
  • SSH
  • FTP
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • POP3

Software monitoring

MySQL database

Watch over key database performance metrics, such as slow query rate, connection usage and Innodb buffer pool usage.

Apache web server

Discover problems and improve Apache Web Server performance with Anturis Apache Monitor.

Log files

The Anturis log monitor tracks abnormal patterns that may arise in logs, such as ERROR messages.

Custom metrics

Use arbitrary script or shell command to implement a custom monitoring scenario with Anturis.

Swap usage

Checks amount of free swap space and swap usage – rate of data write operations.

OS processes

Checks OS process(es) presence, number of the processes matching a pattern, their aggregate CPU and memory consumption.

Mail servers

Identify mail server issues and enhance mail productivity with Anturis Mail Server Monitoring.

Java virtual machines

Monitors key JVM performance metrics.

Windows services

Select the services you want to receive notifications for should they stop working

Active Directory

Monitor important AD performance indicators and replication status

Website monitoring

Monitor the uptime and performance of your website. Check for DNS, SSL, HTTP, network and application-level problems. You’ll know about issues anywhere, 24/7, and you’ll have the information you need for a swift resolution.

  • SSL/TLS certificate expiration
  • HTTP status
  • Webpage content
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Web transactions monitoring

Multi-step check, also known as synthetic user experience monitoring or synthetic transactions monitoring, is a sequence of HTTP requests sent to a web server in a predefined order. After each request is sent, the web server's response is checked to meet certain conditions.

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Network monitoring

SNMP device

Queries a device with SNMP GET. Checks device reachability and the returned value.


Anturis uses SNMP to periodically check the availability and status of your printer - so you always know if your printer is working properly.

Network channel quality

IT allows IT administrators to measure network performance and discover issues on the network as soon as possible by monitoring one-way delay, jitter and packet loss.

Multiple monitoring locations

Anturis provides multiple monitoring locations, permitting web server availability testing globally. Alerts can notify you of issues at any point in your network. Get the big picture with Anturis.

Email, SMS and Voice Call alerts

Anturis provides e-mail, SMS, and voice alerts that can be configured precisely to your needs, helping you ensure that the right person receives the notification, that problems are rapidly resolved, and that things are back on track as soon as possible.

Data presentation and reports

Performance charts and tables

Anturis presents data in whatever way is easiest for you to interpret and use, but it’s flexible enough to allow your teammates to customize entirely different views, and configuration only takes minutes.


Anturis reports give you a big picture network overview as well as the granular details of incidents in your infrastructure. The available subscription options provide you with performance statistics for every component of your infrastructure for any timeframe you choose.


Anturis dashboards let you see your critical metrics at a glance or zoom in to get crucial details. Abnormal patterns are instantly discernable, and troubleshooting can start right from the dashboard screens.

All-In-One infrastructure view with impact dependencies

Best of all, Anturis allows for “at-a-glance” viewing of your entire infrastructure from the central dashboard.

Android mobile application

With Anturis Mobile you can easily monitor websites, web applications, networks, severs and more, anytime from virtually any location. The app provides an overview of your IT infrastructure status.

Android app is available on Google Play Store.


In-depth incidents analysis

Incident View is a graphic tool that represents the set of related problems across your infrastructure. By reflecting incident development over time and showing a clear correlation of events, Incident View shows you the big picture you need for faster troubleshooting.

Root cause analysis

Using impact dependencies, Anturis is able to track down infrastructure components that cause a problem as well as assess a problem’s impact on other infrastructure components. This provides the best understanding of the problem cause and effect, and allows for more accurate alerting, including correctly gauging the severity of the problem and alerting the appropriate responsible party.

cPanel&WHM and Odin Plesk plugins

Anturis plugins for WHM and Plesk are equipped to fetch server configuration from your control panel and automatically configure server monitoring based on those settings. So, monitoring starts immediately the plugin is installed and connected to a new or existing Anturis account.

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