Mail server monitoring with Anturis

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It’s no secret that email is currently the primary means of business communication and any downtime of email service is therefore highly undesirable. With Anturis Mail Server Monitoring you will be able to:

  • Monitor your email servers around the clock 24/7
  • Reduce email services’ downtime by as much as 80% using proactive real-time error notifications
  • Lower the risk of business interruptions, professional credibility, and revenue loss

How it works

A mail server monitor offers 24/7 monitoring of server performance and availability using a test service session. During the testing process, Anturis uses public agents over the Internet to initiate POP3, IMAP, and SMTP sessions. If the mail server responds successfully, the test is simply marked as “passed”.

If there is no response, you receive an instant alert with a description of the problem. This process allows for efficient troubleshooting in the shortest amount of time possible.

Faster troubleshooting with instant notifications

When an email server goes down, or another problem affects its availability or performance, your email communication with clients and associates is impeded or totally disrupted. By using a mail server monitoring service that provides immediate notification, you are assured of continuous and reliable monitoring of your email system – a key component of business communication.

The faster the detection and notification about the problem – the faster troubleshooting is, and the less chance there is of lost mail messages.

Cost effective mail server monitoring

Anturis offers flexibility and scalability, which means you can add or subtract monitoring services at any time as your business needs change. Start with free or lowest price plan for external monitoring, then upgrade for a more robust monitoring of your local/hosted IT infrastructure and enjoy a correlated view of inside and outside your IT services on a single dashboard.

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