Windows Server monitoring with Anturis

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Key Windows monitoring features

Windows Server performance monitoring

A lack of disk space on your servers can result in complete failure of any or all of your install applications. Increased CPU usage can cause user experience to slow to a crawl, negatively affecting productivity. Anturis keeps you alerted to these potential bottlenecks by monitoring critical system components like CPU, RAM, disk space or SMART drive health.

Windows Event Log monitoring

Easily detect system, security, and applications problems on your Windows machines. By setting up thresholds, you’ll be alerted if any of the user-defined events is logged and/or if the number of error events (those with “Error” or “Critical” severity levels) equals or exceeds the set value.

Active Directory monitoring

Active Directory is the lifeblood of your Windows network. Probably nothing generates a greater number of help desk orders than AD issues. Slow logons and account lockouts stifle productivity, and replication issues can mean inconsistent results when it comes to roaming profiles, mapped drives, password resets, group policy updates, etc. Monitoring of today’s Active Directory infrastructure is essential in order to avoid these performance disruptions and to ensure that users get the consistent desktop experience they expect each and every day. Anturis offers complete monitoring coverage of AD.

Multiple protocol support

Don’t depend on your users calling the help desk to inform you when your website or service is down. Through HTTP/HTTPS monitoring, the Anturis tool is able to constantly check the availability of all of your websites and services. It also monitors for connectivity issues using PING. With Anturis, you can employ a variety of supported protocols (ICMP, TCP, SSH, FTP, SMTP/SMTPs, IMAP/IMAPs, POP3/POP3s, HTTP/HTTPs) to be instantly notified of problems—before your users start calling.

Support for all Windows versions

All recent Windows operating systems are supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2. Anturis Agent Management GUI is also installed to facilitate agent management operations: connect, disconnect, connect to another Anturis account, etc. Anturis Agent itself is a small-footprint Windows service.

Windows services monitoring

Imagine the impact of the failure of any of your critical Windows services: network resources can’t be shared without Server service running, and users can’t log on without Active Directory and Netlogon services operating properly. Anturis monitoring tool can alert you immediately should one of these critical services fail.

Easy to use Configuration Wizard

It takes just minutes with a standard Windows installer wizard to set up Anturis Agent on a Windows system. During installation, a dedicated non-administrator user account is created to run Anturis Agent service. It is also possible to install Anturis Agent for Windows in unattended mode (from command line), which is convenient for agent auto-deployment in cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others.

Email, SMS, and voice call alerts

If a key service goes down on one of your critical servers or if connectivity issues arise within your LAN infrastructure, you need to be alerted immediately in order to address the problem before it impacts your users. Anturis can send alerts in whatever communication formats you choose – email, SMS, and voice call.

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