Website monitoring service that simply works. With no software to install

- Clifford -

Website performance is critical for all businesses, but particularly for e-commerce because it directly impacts user experience and purchase availability, in turn influencing conversion and churn rates. Even if your website is only partially down or running slow, this can translate into a direct hit to your bottom line.

Stop worrying – start monitoring

A host reboots your server, resulting in something going wrong during the software restart such that your website fails to load. You accidentally discover this two days later. Or a background process on your server dramatically slows down the website twice a day. You discover this two months later through a visitor’s complaint.

Multiple problems happen to every SMB’s website from time to time. Quick discovery of such problems can be the difference between success and failure of an online business. That’s why we built Anturis website monitoring tool – to let you stay in control of IT.

DNS, SSL, HTTP, network and application-level problems are checked 24/7

Interaction in the Web involves many subsystems. In case of problems Anturis will let you know what you should look into. It will check whether:

  • DNS server returns the correct IP address (and that you did not forget to pay for your domain name);
  • Server reachability is an issue ( on the host’s side or if there is poor connectivity);
  • SSL certificate is valid (and that you did not forget to prolong it);
  • Web server responds with correct HTTP status, header and body (such as a “404 page not found” error) and more.

We also offer monitors for health checks of other web services such as FTP(s), SSH, and mail.

Get alerted before your customers notice – via e-mail, SMS or voice call

The earlier you know about a problem the earlier you’ll fix it. That is why Anturis offers immediate SMS and Voice Call alert notifications. The more you know about the problem the faster you’ll troubleshoot. That is why we send you relevant diagnostic information right away via an email alert notification.

Additionally Anturis supports techniques to eliminate “false” alerts and alerts “spam” (multiple alerts caused by the same problem). Our alerts work perfectly out of the box, but if needed you can fine tune who will be alerted about what and how, depending on the severity of the problem.

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