Powerful website monitoring without complications

With Anturis’ website monitoring tool, you will be able to:

  • Constantly check website’s availability and performance, SSL/TLS certificate expiration, webpage content.
  • Get alerted in case of problems by email or SMS.
  • Monitor full page load time and web transactions.
  • Monitor internal IT systems for a better understanding of what caused a problem and faster troubleshooting.

Free plan available | Paid plans start from $8/month

Website monitoring with Anturis

Website uptime monitoring

Monitor availability at predefined time intervals (one minute is the default) from different geographical locations to ensure your website is up 24/7 for all your visitors no matter where they are. Verify that your site responds with proper HTTP status codes. Uptime reports allow you to see the big picture, know your website’s historical performance stats, and track the number of critical problems.

Response time monitoring

Website users today demand more than just availability: they expect lightning-fast responses. Setting thresholds and using a global network of external agents to constantly monitor how long it takes for your site to respond helps you ensure that your visitors have a consistently rewarding experience.

SSL/TLS Certificate expiration monitoring

If you use cryptographic protocols for your website’s security, it’s useful to keep track of certificate expiration dates. SSL/TLS Certificate expiration monitoring allows you to specify the minimum number of days before expiration and to receive alerts if the certificate is not updated.

Body and header content monitoring

Is there content your site must have? Content your site should never have? Content monitoring allows you to specify what should be present or absent in either the HTTP response header or body. Guarantee that your users are dependably receiving exactly the experience you want them to have with body and header content monitoring.

Smart notifications

The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you’ll be able to fix it. That is why Anturis offers immediate SMS notifications. The more you know about the problem, the faster you’ll be able to troubleshoot. Anturis supports techniques to eliminate false alerts and alert “spam” (multiple alerts caused by the same problem). Our alerts work perfectly out of the box, but can be fine-tuned to specify who will be alerted about what and how they will be contacted.

Internal IT infrastructure monitoring

For a better understanding of what caused a problem as well as other data helpful for troubleshooting, easy-to-install internal infrastructure monitoring gives you a wealth of actionable information. Internal IT infrastructure monitoring provides you with immediate constructive intelligence on what caused the website or web service downtime or performance degradation at an internal systems level.

Full page load monitoring

Full page monitoring allows you select one or several public agents from which requests are sent. These agents run on servers maintained by Anturis in different parts of the world. They use real web browsers that duplicate your customers’ Web experience (WebKit), measuring the time it takes for all the page elements (images, CSS, JavaScript, and so on) to load.

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Web transactions monitoring

Web transaction monitoring is an easy-to-use method for ensuring that your visitors can successfully sign up, log in, search, checkout, and otherwise interact with your website. It uses synthetic transactions to simulate end-user website behavior, permitting you to select and evaluate a set of critical user interactions, or transactions, such as login or purchase.

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