Web transactions monitoring with Anturis

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Anturis web application monitoring is the easiest way to ensure your visitors can successfully sign up, log in, search, check out and otherwise interact with your website.

The idea behind synthetic transactions is simulation of end-users behavior on the website. Usually you can select a set of critical user interactions (so-called transactions), such as login or purchase. Failure of these transactions will have a severe negative impact, such as loss of reputation or revenue.

Anturis can simulate real users and run such transactions periodically to make sure your web applications are working as expected. If not – you get alerted very quickly, so as to be able to troubleshoot before too many visitors are affected.

Let “synthetic users” test – to ensure a positive experience for the real users

Before Anturis can begin simulating visitors to your website you need to teach us about the transactions you want to test. This is done by means of Anturis Transaction Recorder, which is essentially a web-browser. You use it to browse your website following the steps of the transaction while the Recorder traces all of your steps. Once finished, Anturis is then able to replay the recorded scenario continuously, ensuring each step of it is successful.

Below, is a typical example of an e-shop transaction, including:

  • Loading a product catalogue;
  • Adding an item to a cart;
  • Proceeding to check-out;
  • Paying; and
  • Viewing confirmation page.

It is clear that such a transaction touches several sub-systems comprising your web applications. The web application monitoring therefore performs more in-depth and effective testing than that provided by a single web page check.

Simple yet powerful

Using Anturis Transaction Recorder to record simulated transactions is as simple as using a web browser, regardless of whether you are dealing with simple web forms or complex AJAX components, JavaScript, Flash, or Silverlight applications. All testing is performed from our global monitoring network so you can access results via a convenient web GUI. In the event of problems being detected we send e-mail or SMS notifications to one or more designated staff members.

For users with more sophisticated needs it is also possible to check web server’s response at each step, modify HTTP requests, or even insert a new HTTP request. If you need to test your web application API Anturis transaction monitoring is also helpful.

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