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Start your 30-day free trial and choose the plan that fits your needs after your trial ends.

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Key features

Server monitoring

  • All popular Windows & Linux versions supported
  • IaaS compatibility (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, etc.)
  • OS performance: CPU, RAM, disks, swap
  • Custom shell command execution values
  • Log files & Windows event logs
  • Processes, services
  • S.M.A.R.T. drives

Website monitoring

  • Response time
  • Multiple monitoring locations
  • SSL/TLS certificate expiration
  • Body and header content
  • Full page load
  • Web transactions

Configuration features

  • Agent-based monitoring
  • Agent-less monitoring
  • 1 minute monitoring interval
  • Central web-based console
  • Unlimited infrastructures
  • Unlimited email alerts

Network monitoring

  • Internal & external monitoring via Ping, HTTP, TCP, SSH, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3
  • Interfaces – traffic, packets, errors, discards
  • Channel quality – packet loss, jitter, latency
  • SNMP devices
  • Printers

Application monitoring

  • Apache web server
  • Active Directory
  • Mail servers
  • MySQL
  • JVM

Data presentation and reports

  • Schemas, charts, tables, dashboards
  • Uptime & performance reports
  • Periodical reports send by email
  • Current & recent problems overview
  • Unlimited data retention

Frequently asked questions

How is Anturis licensed?

Anturis is licensed per number of Monitors. Monitor represents a single infrastructure resource (not device or host) that needs to be measured or checked (e.g. CPU usage, website HTTP latency, log file, MySQL database, etc.).

Do I need to pay for notifications?

Email notifications are not limited for all pricing plans. All paid plans come with a predefined number of SMS notifications per month. For example, if you use a 100 monitors plan – 100 notifications will be added to your account each month (monthly subscription) or 1200 notifications each year (annual subscription). You can purchase additional notification credits with any of our plans, including the free plan. We will flag you when your notification credits are getting low so you can purchase additional notification credits packs.

How much do additional SMS notifications cost?

Additional SMS notifications are offered in bundles. One SMS notification costs one credit.

40 notification credits $4.99
100 notification credits $9.99
500 notification credits $39.99

What are the limitations during the free trial?

During a free trial period you can set up to 100 monitors and receive 100 SMS notifications (email notifications are not limited). If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan unused SMS notifications remain in your account. If that amount doesn’t fit your needs, you can request an extended trial.

What happens when my trial is over?

You can always stay with our FREE plan but will be subject to the limitations of that plan. After the trial period is over all monitors will be stopped, but you will be able to restart five of them.

Can I upgrade/downgrade any time?

Yes. Your new plan will take effective immediately upon purchase. In case of a plan downgrade, limitations on the number of monitors will be applied.

Do you provide a discount if I choose a yearly subscription?

Yes, there is a 20% discount in a case of a yearly subscription.

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