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10 monitors

10 SMS and Voice Alerts

or $7.50/mo if billed yearly


40 monitors

40 SMS and Voice Alerts

or $32.50/mo if billed yearly


100 monitors

100 SMS and Voice Alerts

or $82.50/mo if billed yearly


200 monitors

200 SMS and Voice Alerts

or $124.92/mo if billed yearly

Do you need more than 200 monitors?

Request a pricing quote for bigger infrastructures and get a volume discount.

Free plan available

Using the free plan you can create up to five monitors. No SMS or Voice Alerts are provided.

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All plans include:

  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • Server monitoring
  • Software monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • 1 minute polling period
  • Full page load monitoring
  • Web transaction monitoring
  • Network monitoring

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Frequently asked questions.

What is "monitor"?

Monitor represents a single infrastructure resource that needs to be measured or checked. Examples: server CPU load, website HTTP latency, log file, MySQL DBMS, etc. The bigger customer's infrastructure is - the more Monitors are required to monitor it.

What is "polling period"?

Polling period is a period of time between two subsequent checks/measures of a monitored resource. The lower the polling period is - the earlier a problem can be discovered.

I'm ready to start. What should I do?

Click here to start your 30-day free trial and enjoy easy on-boarding and quick set up. Our free trial allows you to start monitoring everything in your IT shop in minutes; no credit card required.

Are there any service restrictions or limitations during my free trial?

No, from day one you will have access to all the full product features and can use up to 100 monitors. If that amount doesn't fit your needs you can request an extended trial.

What happens when my trial is over?

You can always stay with our FREE plan but will be subject to the limitations of that plan, so any extra monitors will be suspended and polling periods will decrease.

What happens if I run out of notification credits?

No worries. You can purchase additional notification credits with any of our plans, including the FREE plan. We will flag you when your notification credits are getting low so you can purchase additional notification credits packs.

Can I upgrade/downgrade any time?

Definitely. Your new plan will take effective immediately upon purchase.

In case of a plan downgrade, limitations on the number of monitors will be applied.

Do you offer any discounts or special offers?

Yes, you can get up to two free months with an annual subscription, and we also offer discounts to active users who agree to provide us with detailed feedback.

What if I need a purchase order or other payment options?

Please contact us for custom payment options, invoices, purchase orders and quotes.

Is Anturis secure?

Security is our highest priority. We use end-to-end SSL-encrypted channel for our agent to communicate with backend servers. During installation a dedicated ordinary user account is created to run Anturis agent. This user account can be restricted to specific operations if needs to be. Anturis agent source code is open and available for inspection.

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