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April 2nd, 2014 - by Ilya Sidorov

Hooray! On 1 April we launched our new Partner program.

Anturis’ Partner program enables web hosting providers, software developers and resellers, and even web design studios and bloggers to become affiliates, sales or OEM partners.

Anturis’ Partner program gives you the ability to offer our monitoring and troubleshooting service to your customers, either as a standalone offering or as a value added service. Anturis is useful, simple and easy to try (it can be deployed in 3 minutes) so it is not hard to recommend and sell it to your clients and visitors. Thus you can earn money and readily increase your customers’ satisfaction.

The program is flexible: if your company is a big web hoster or software vendor - you can be our OEM Partner. If you are a value added reseller or small hoster – you can be our Reseller or Certified Reseller. You’re a popular blogger or IT consultant and you want to earn extra money without any commitments and financial investments? In this case you can be our Referral partner and earn money even for free subscribers that come to us from your website.

Learn more about our Partner Program, choose what kind of partnership suits you best, and start making money with us.