A New Feature: Network Channel Quality Monitor

- Clifford -

We are happy to announce the latest Anturis feature – a Network channel quality monitor that allows IT administrators to measure network performance and discover issues on the network as soon as possible.

There are numerous advantages to using this monitor, but its primary application is to monitor a quality of service (QoS) of a corporate IP telephony or a computer network.

There are three performance metrics that are being continuously collected:

  • Packet loss
  • Jitter
  • One-way delay

How it works

  • First, set up Anturis agents on required network devices (sources and destinations) and make any configuration changes needed (you can find the instructions here);
  • Walk through the installation wizard in the Anturis UI and set up the monitoring parameters (time interval, warning and error thresholds, number of sent packets and status change rules);
  • When you are done with the steps above Anturis will generate traffic from sender to receiver by periodically sending a specified amount of packets, and then perform all the calculations.

If you have any additional questions, please use the comments section below or write to us at [email protected].

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