Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec – PS2 ISO & ROM (Game Download)

Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec – PS2 ISO & ROM (Game Download)
  • Console: PlayStation 2
  • Release: 2001
  • Size: 3.3GB
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Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec is one of the most successful car racing games that have ever been produced for PlayStation 2. More challenges are provided in the game which was released more than two decades ago.

The graphics and statistics in the game are more detailed than those of its predecessor, but the number of cars are much fewer. In Gran Turismo 2, there are more than 500 cars. In Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec, there are only 187 cars in total.

Features and Highlights

Gran Turismo 3 - A-spec

Although the number of cars is not as many as that of its predecessor, in addition to the better graphics quality, the availability of Formula One (F1) cars in the game makes up for it.

The F1 cars cannot be purchased though. They are only available for the player to play after they are unlocked, and the only way to unlock the cars is by winning certain races. While the NTSC release contains six F1 cars, there are only two of them in the PAL release.

Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec comes with two modes. The first one is Arcade Mode which offers a number of stages, each of which consists of several tracks. The player must complete all the tracks in a stage in order to be able to go the next stage. Some cars will be unlocked for the player after winning a stage, but only if the race is completed at least on Normal difficulty level.

The Arcade Mode is split into several modes which include Single Race, Free Run, Time Attack, and 2 Player Battle.

In Single Race, the player will race against five computer controlled opponents. The cars that the opponents drive will be of similar class to the one chosen by the player.

The Time Attack is a race where the player drives a predetermined car as fast as possible on a circuit to score the highest point.

The second mode is Gran Turismo Mode which comes with a more intuitive organization method of car dealerships than the previous game. In the North America release, this mode has a different name, which is Simulation Mode.

In the beginning of the Gran Turismo mode, the player needs to select a car first to be able to participate in a race event. The cars are organized based on the countries and manufacturers. Some of the cars that are available for the player to play are Lancer Evolution VI, Mazda MX-5, Daihatsu Sirion X4, Mazda Demio GL-X, Nissan Silvia Varietta, Nissan Skyline GTS Type M, Subaru Legacy B4 RSK, Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX, and Toyota Yaris Euro Edition.

Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec PS2 ISO Free Download

Each car in Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec comes with performance details such as Max Power, Max Torque, Vehicle Weight, Wheel Base, Engine Type, and Drive Type. The player needs to pay attention to these details before making the final decision as to which car that should be used for the next race.

All in all, Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec is a challenging and entertaining car racing game offering lots of cars from various manufacturers around the world. It has enhanced graphic details that make the game more enjoyable to play. You can click the link below to download Gran Turismo 3 – A-spec PS2 ISO:

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Game Information
  • Name Gran Turismo 3 - A-spec
  • Region USA
  • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Date Added Oct 23, 2023
  • Required Console: PlayStation 2
  • Release: 2001
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