God of War 2 – PS2 ISO & ROM (Game Download)

God of War 2 – PS2 ISO & ROM (Game Download)
  • Console: Playstation 2
  • Release: 2009
  • Size: 6.7GB
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In 2005, God of War hit the market. Around two years later, God of War 2 was released for PlayStation 2 console. These were the games that many people loved because they were full packed with thrilling adventures where players could hack and slash a lot of enemies.

Although God of War 2 was not as successful as the first installment, it was still a huge success. It has successfully collected a number of awards and has been sold millions of copies worldwide. The number of sales has led the game publisher to release the third sequel in 2010.

Features and Highlights

God of War 2

In God of War 2, the Spartan warrior named Kratos is still the protagonist, but now he has become the new God of War after bringing the reign of the former to the end. Unfortunately, he is shunned by the other Gods. Haunted and pained by his past, he finds solace in war. Athena begs him to stop the war or else he would face the wrath of Olympus. She also reminds him that it is because of her aid that he can become a God, but Kratos stubbornly ignores her plead, saying that he does not need anyone else to protect him.

In the middle of the argument, Kratos leaves Athena to join the fight, unaware of Athena’s disappointment that leads her to a final decision. When the protagonist is slaughtering his enemies, an Eagle attacks him with a magic that robs him of some of his powers of a God. Kratos believes that the bird is Athena who is in disguise, but it is actually Zeus.

The power that Zeus robs is transferred to a giant statue of Helios, which is known as The Colossus of Rhodes, to bring it to life. It has one mission, and that is to eliminate Kratos. With the remaining power he has, Kratos has to fight the statue, the army, and the other bosses.

God of War 2 has four difficulty levels: Mortal (Easy), Spartan (Normal), God (Hard), and Spartan (Very Hard). Kratos uses a number of weapons. The weakest one is Athena’s Blades but it is still a good weapon for close combat. Barbarian Hammer is not as fast as the blades but it is powerful and has an ability that lets the wielder to summon an army of cursed souls. When these souls are released, they will help Kratos to get rid of the nearest enemies.

Spear of Destiny is a magical weapon that can be used for both short and long range attacks. And Blade of Olympus is the most powerful weapon as it has the power to kill even a God.

God of War 2 PS2 ISO Free Download

God of War 2 is a perfect entertainment for gamers who are thirst for action games where the protagonist has to fight a seemingly endless wave of enemies with a pair of blades, a hammer, a spear, and a divine sword. Kratos also relies on a number of magics such as Poseidon’s Rage, Cronos’ Rage, Head of Euryale, Atlas Quake, and Typhon’s Bane.

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Game Information
  • Name God of War 2
  • Region USA
  • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Date Added Oct 31, 2023
  • Required Console: Playstation 2
  • Release: 2009
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