How It works

Anturis Cloud-based (SaaS) monitoring platform built for both external monitoring of company web services and internal monitoring of IT infrastructure, such as servers and applications.

Anturis cloud-based (saas) monitoring platform

Get your web services monitored in 5 minutes.

External monitoring can be performed entirely remotely using our global monitoring network of Anturis public agents. With no software to install you are able to ensure your websites and web services are up and running smoothly. Simply tell us the URL and we’ll do the rest.

Anturis Agent is our monitoring guard. There are several Public Agents hosted in different geographical locations. These Agents are available to be used by all Anturis customers and are maintained by Anturis. Each agent does all the synthetic testing - that is each minute it simulates a real user visiting your website and checks whether everything is working as it should be.

Add on the local IT infrastructure monitoring in another 5 minutes.

You may also install Anturis Private Agent to your local servers, thus enabling monitoring of your IT infrastructure beyond the firewall. We are able to perform complete IT stack monitoring starting from server and OS metrics, up to databases and applications monitoring. Any Anturis Private Agent can also be used as a monitoring location for your websites or web services. This is useful for example if a web service is only available within the intranet and not outside of it.

Anturis Agent is a native and small footprint background service available for Windows and Linux OS families. It maintains secure HTTP connection to the Anturis cloud datacenter. Thus, no firewall changes are needed. Agent installation (as well as all its subsequent maintenance) is done completely automatically. Agent source code is available to our customers upon request.

root@ubuntu:~# curl -k -s<account token> | sh

creating /opt/anturis...
creating /opt/anturis/bin...
creating /opt/anturis/etc...
creating /opt/anturis/lib...
creating /opt/anturis/log...
Starting Anturis Agent
Setting settings...
Connecting to server...
Sending command to server...
Provision finished successfully.

Correlate inside and outside views.

As Anturis is able to watch your web services from both user and infrastructure perspective, you can benefit from the correlation of this information. Anturis builds a model of your whole infrastructure using impact dependencies between its elements so as to understand which problems are related and which are in fact only parts of a single problem. For instance, if a server running Apache is down you will get one single notification about the failed server (the cause) and the unreachable website (the symptom).

Anturis servers and IT systems monitoring

You monitor your systems and we monitor ours.

Anturis’ back-end servers are located in a secure ISO 27001-compliant datacenter. We maintain redundant configuration and data backups. We have enough storage to keep millions of measurements available for instant retrieval. And yes, we monitor our own infrastructure so we make sure you get robust and reliable monitoring without any unnecessary hassle.

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