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Anturis is a cloud-based monitoring & troubleshooting service for IT infrastructure and web services. Anturis is an ideal solution for service provides facing the challenges of finding additional sources of revenue and staying ahead of competitors. By offering their customers a vanguard monitoring and troubleshooting solution, service providers can easily extend their range of services, develop an additional income-generating scheme and increase customer loyalty.

Why Anturis?

Value to the Service Provider

Anturis is a no-CAPEX easy-to-launch additional stream of revenue for a service provider. Monitoring is a key component in managing any IT infrastructure and is a natural addition to other hosting services. The key benefits for service providers are:

  • Increased ARPU and customer loyalty by offering essential IT infrastructure management tool – let businesses stay in control of their IT.
  • By indicating when hardware resources are running out, monitoring stimulates earlier purchases of additional resources, thus increasing revenue for a hosting service provider.
  • With independent monitoring in place, service providers are better positioned to build trust in relationships with customers: demonstrating that it meets its declared SLA.
  • Clear values for the user: downtime monitoring, notification and elimination, facilitated troubleshooting and IT decision-making.
  • Integration with Parallels Automation PCP, cPanel and Plesk Control Panels to bring smooth experience.
  • APS support for quick and seamless integration with Parallels Automation.

Benefits for the End-User

Anturis is specifically designed to fit IT infrastructures of small to medium sized businesses such as internet companies, hosting resellers, web development agencies and the like. The key features are as follows:

  • External monitoring of web services.
  • Website visitor simulation with synthetic transactions for in-depth checking.
  • Internal monitoring of servers and applications.
  • Instant, reliable, actionable alerts, including SMS and Voice alerts out-of-the-box.
  • SLA and QoS reports, graphs, an infrastructure dashboard.
  • Predefined configuration templates to start monitoring automatically.
  • No need to purchase extra HW or SW.

3 Steps to Launch with Anturis


Download Anturis APS package from


Sign standard agreement with Anturis


Start making money

For service providers with Parallels Automation in place we have APS 1.2 package for one-step integration of user management and billing. For other service providers it is possible to use either Anturis or SP’s billing.

In case Anturis is bundled with other services (such as VPS or VPS + Control Panel) it is possible to have templates for automatic monitoring configuration.

“Anturis is the perfect addition to our suite, and will be utilized as the primary tool set of our technical team for monitoring and troubleshooting our customers’ various IT services.”

David Loke, CEO, ReadySpace

Anturis Plugin for Parallels Plesk

Anturis integrates with top hosting control panels – Parallels Plesk and cPanel&WHM – for fully automated monitoring configuration for servers and standard software. See the video demonstration below and try out the plugin following these links: or

  • Servers and software monitoring are configured automatically.
  • Monitoring configuration is kept up-to-date with server configuration.
  • Monitoring multiple servers is done from a single Anturis dashboard.

Key partnership opportunities

  • Direct sales to SMBs for whom uptime is critical (e-commerce, online media, etc.)
  • Bundling with other IT cloud services or software (such as online backup, security, anti-malware)
  • Sell monitoring as part of managed hosting or other managed IT services
  • Co-marketing options including prolonged free trials, special discounts, advertising, etc.
  • White-labeling and customization is possible
  • Off-premise deployment. On-premise deployment negotiable

What to do next?

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